Online stormwater detention modelling application

Online application for smart modelling of advanced Urbanscape Green Roof Systems to be used for stormwater management
  • The online modelling application allows you to model and adapt Urbanscape Green Roof Systems according to stormwater management requirements, such as the type of storm for the selected location, and project specifics, such as maximum outflow, thus ensuring optimal detention and rainwater runoff from Urbanscape Green Roofs in extreme conditions.
  • The modelling calculation application is provided free of charge to support users in planning Urbanscape Green Roofs, with a special focus on stormwater management.
  • It is available in two options:
    • OPTION 1: freely accessible to the general public, without registration, containing a limited range of content, and
    • OPTION 2: a fully functional application for the professional public, which requires prior registration.
  • The online modelling application is based on actual data and real time experiments; it should be noted that these calculated values may differ from the actual project conditions, and are therefore intended for informational purposes only.
START MODELLING AND CALCULATING the characteristics of Urbanscape Green Roofs according to stormwater management requirements NOW!
You can find instruction for use here
»The investment is financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund«